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The fee for the 13-Moon Wise Woman Coaching package is £1950.  When paid in advance, I gift you 10% discount, making the fee £1755.  OR you might like to pay £150 monthly for 13 months.

If the full package isn’t right for you at this time, I would welcome you for hourly sessions (£55) or 90-minute sessions (£75). 

Coaching Introduction

There have always been wise women throughout the centuries and across all cultures.  These are the healers, the intuitives, the midwives, the herbalists and the priestesses.  These days, you meet us at the bus stop, the vets, the supermarket, the health centre, crossing the road, the office, the NHS, the garden centre, the coffee shop – wherever there is life, animals, nature, people and the need for service, care and nourishment.

My 13-Moon Wise Woman Coaching package offers pathways of ancient wisdom into your 21st-century daily life. This 1:1 journey is experienced over 13 months and provides space and support for your heart-centred personal development and the emergence of your magical nature.


  • We meet for three hours each month for 13 months
  • You can have either 2 x 90-minute sessions a month or a three-hour session
  • Book your hours at times to suit
  • Have the ease of online sessions or enjoy face-to-face sessions in Brighton in my retreat room and woodland garden (or a mixture of both if you like)
  • Start your learning anytime.

The 13-Moon Wise Woman Coaching Package may be right for you if you’re ready to commit time to your personal and spiritual journey, and would like to step into your power to call in the profound changes you desire.

Coaching Package

Your core 13-Moon Wise Woman Coaching package includes:


  • Creating Sacred Space for Healing and Ritual – Working with the circle and sacred grove. Using prayer and incantation as an expression of intent and the power of words and visualisation.  Creating rituals for rites of passage such as retirement, pregnancy, first blood, menopause, changing jobs, handfasting, etc.
  • Chakra Development – Together over the 13-moons, we journey through six chakras: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye, using various creative techniques to develop and deepen your vibrational energies.
  • Nature Wisdom – This opens you to working with nature as a reflection of your inner landscaping for change and wellbeing. We explore nature at home, creating sacred space for nature, interacting with the elements, wheel of the year, planting and nurturing inner and outer seeds, mindful gardening, muse of the seasons, mindful walking, etc., moon muse and power/spirit of place.
  • Scrying and Divination – Developing your intuition is a beautiful tool, and using black obsidian, oracle cards, water, spirit animal cards or flame are ways to help focus and open your third eye.  You might also like to make your own cards and medicine pouch.
  • Personal development – As we journey through the above, there are continual opportunities for insight and healing of your life stories.  As we peel back the layers that have been holding you back from your authenticity, you will experience a greater connection to the joys of your daily life. 



      Your increased intuition


      Opportunities to access and work with your inner wise woman


      Creative self-expression


      Ongoing support from me as your mentor, healer, teacher and coach


      Your intense personal development


      A deeper connection to nature


      Challenge! Learning! Change! Inspiration!

      What’s Included


      Prompts for creative engagement with projects between our meetings


      Access to personal healing for yourself with me


      Karmic astrological readings with me (I need your date, time and place of birth for this)


      Oracle card readings with me


      Access to 1:1 learning opportunities: oracle cards, astrology, Reiki, integrated energy healing, quartz crystals and Bach Flower Remedies

      What My Clients Say

      Wise woman coaching with Laurel is an amazing journey.  Over these past months, I’ve accessed and explored depths of myself I’ve (to be honest) always been a little ashamed of.  Now, I am truly a woman of power in my life. Wow!  T.T.K.

      Dear Laurel.  I feel very sad to have finished the Wise Woman course today and to say goodbye for now. I have looked forward to every session and cannot believe a whole year has passed. It has been a wonderful and enriching course, working with nature, the seasons, the moons, the spirit cards  and the chakras. You are an exceptional teacher, mining deep and bringing things to the surface to be examined. The geode will always remind me of our journey on this Wise Woman course and how it resurfaced for our last two sessions. I now look forward to absorbing all the nutrients from this incredible feast and digesting it.  Until we meet again, much love and so many thanks. NW 

      Your Next Steps

      You can personalise your wise woman coaching sessions according to your needs. When booking, we will discuss what you would like and how we might work together.  Remember you can choose the full 13-Moon Wise Woman Package or have the ad-hoc hourly or 90-minute sessions.

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