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60-minute session – £55.00
Two-hour intensive – £105

Mentoring Introduction

Welcome to my mentoring and coaching services for wellbeing practitioners, coaches, educators and therapists. My holistic approach embraces your personal and professional growth and includes supervision for client, patient, or student issues, business development, practitioner resilience, and new skill acquisition.

Let Me Ask

  • Do you want to strengthen your resilience?
  • How ready are you to move past imposter syndrome?
  • Would you like to learn holistic wellbeing skills such as coaching or Reiki for front-line delivery?
  • Would you like a supportive space to work through client concerns?
  • Do you want to develop heart-centered business practices?
  • Would you like to write and sell your nonfiction book idea and boost your professional credibility?

If you can answer YES to more than two of the above, mentoring with me could be a perfect fit.

Your Customised Mentoring

Your mentoring is personalised for your needs.  I offer encouraging and confidential support for wellbeing coaches and therapists wanting to explore and improve best practices in a nourishing and relaxed space (online or in person).

I work one-to-one with wellbeing professionals such as coaches, trainers, therapists and GPs seeking to:

  • Learn new skills such as Reiki or wellness coaching
  • Develop learning programmes for clients, students and patients
  • Create and monetise nonfiction writing products
  • Write and publish a nonfiction book to boost credibility and build trust
  • Develop work-related resilience
  • Achieve positive mindsets for work success

We work together, assessing the point you are currently at and exploring how you can move forward into positive action.



Improved skills to add value to your client/patient delivery


Knowing a fellow wellbeing professional has your back


Increased self-awareness


Setting resilience and wellbeing goals for yourself


Growing personal and professional self-esteem

What’s Included


Freedom to personalise your sessions


An eclectic range of approaches to nourish you and your practice


Accountability to keep you on track


Access to an industry expert coach/mentor, trainer, therapist, and highly published author

What My Clients Say

Laurel has been supervising our coaching students on the following Diploma courses; Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Resilience Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.  She is an excellent supervisor who understands her students and the issues they face whilst 1:1 coaching.  Laurel has led group supervision sessions and provides a safe space for students to explore dilemmas as well as coaching theory and practice.  Wellness Professionals at Work

Laurel has been my go-to for holistic supervision for several years now.  She makes me laugh, makes me think, and sometimes I have a good cry.  However we work together, I always feel so much better and take a sense of being revitalised back into my practice.


Your Mentoring Sessions, Your Way

You’re welcome to personalise your mentoring sessions according to your needs. When booking, we will discuss what you would like and how we might work together.

I recognise that mentoring clients have different requirements and offer a flexible booking service to accommodate this. This is perfect if you would like to pay per hour or have smaller-scale mentoring requests, e.g., a couple of hours to develop essential coaching skills.

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