Many of us have a garden or patio in which to appreciate nature.  However, many people don’t have this access and would still like to connect with nature daily in their home rather than through walks outside.  Here are some ideas for all of us on how we might relate to nature in our home:

  • Photos and Pictures:  For example, images of landscapes, trees, sun, moon, stars, flowers, etc.
  • Living Artwork:  For example, wooden frames with crystals, dried herbs, flowers, or skeletal leaves.
  • Incense and Potpourri: Essential oils and flower essences can be blended together and used in a room spray.


The Four Elements

  • Air:  candles, nature-themed wind chimes, open windows, bell, feathers, fan.
  • Fire:  incense, smudge stick, wood burner, fireplace, candles, essential oil burner.
  • Earth:  plants, flowers, pebbles, stones, crystals, rocks, salt, soil. Greens for earth, grass and plants – blues for water and the sky – yellows for freshness, sun and flowers.
  • Water:  glass bowl with pebbles, flowers in ceramic/glass containers, water feature, e.g. tabletop fountain, seashells, driftwood.



  • Sounds:  For example, audio sounds of rain, wind, and the beach or music representing the four elements e.g. rock music for fire.
  • Seasonal Gatherings: A designated worship space with changing offerings for the seasons – a blue cloth to symbolize winter, yellow for summer, green for spring and brown covers for autumn. Autumn for conkers and fir cones.  Winter for candles representing light and evergreens.  Spring flowers, bulbs and seeds.  Summer for colour abundance in posies.
  • Furnishings:  colours used in furnishings and on paintwork, e.g. autumnal hues – patterns in windows, e.g. oak leaves.  Using wood, cotton, leather, seagrass, natural rock walls, wooden flooring, or furniture.
  • Natural Light:  Bringing in as much natural light as possible – views of nature out of the window.
  • Flora and Fauna:  Herb garden for the kitchen, living screens and walls, and indoor plants and gardens. 



  • Black tourmaline for protecting your door thresholds from bad energy
  • Agate for sweet sleep
  • Rose quartz for loving energy
  • Amethyst for a serene space
  • Carnelian for building a creative space
  • Aventurine for forging family bonds
  • Pyrite for golden ideas in the home office
  • Hematite for keeping your home free from toxicity
  • Smoky quartz for dissipating bad energy
  • Labradorite for easy communication


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