Here are my six tips for how you can start journaling:

1    Why do you have the urge to write?  Write about the urge.  It might be something specific such as an event playing on your mind – write about it.  Or it might just be an urge to write – in which case, write about the urge.

2    Just write.  Don’t start in a fancy journaling book.  A scrap of paper or a plain notebook will do fine.  When I get the urge, I look around for anything, scraps of paper – even serviettes, the back of receipts shoved in my handbag – I’m not proud.

3    Don’t try to be perfect in your writing.  It will never happen.

4    Allow for emotions to bubble up.  If they do, write them down or have a good blub or vent.

5    Don’t look for a perfect journaling entry’s beginning, middle and end.  Just write until you don’t know what else to write.  Then stop.  I don’t always finish a piece of writing.  In time I might return to it, or maybe not.

6    Forget the length of the writing.  Even a short piece of journaling has value.

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