Paper or computer:  Currently, when it comes to journals, I have an A4 purple hardback item, an A5 magnetic clasp jobbie (silver with black cats on) and several garish colour spiral-bound A5 notebooks.  I have three beautiful journals, one A5 fluffy covered item, another leather and engraved and one other with both lined and plain pages – all of which have been given to me and I love but am too scared to use in case I ‘spoil’ them.

Pens, pencils, fingers: When it comes to pens, I write with a biro.  However, I have a foundation pen, a calligraphy set and some satisfying rollerballs. A good pen for journaling will write smoothly with minimal smears. Thankfully, there are many great pen options, including ballpoint, gel, and fineliner style pens with the nibs, or writing point of the pen, coming in all sizes.  When I’m not penning it, I journal on the PC.

Location, location, location:  When it comes to environments, I’ll journal in coffee shops, parks, sitting on a hill, in the garden, the library, sitting on a bench or leaning against a wall, in the garden, on the loo or in the kitchen.