One of my favourite journaling techniques when drawing a blank for new journaling ideas is to create a list of things I enjoy. This could be a list of films, favourite television shows, things I need to pack for a holiday, or even a shopping list to make some of my favourite foods.  Here is a list I wrote at the end of yesterday:

  • closing down my PC and leaving the work area (I work from home)
  • having a bottle of wine or one of my husband’s cocktails
  • appreciating the night sky over city lights
  • closing the curtains
  • putting on lamps
  • enjoying a hot meal
  • watching TV
  • a lemon tea and a bit of chocolate or a slice of cake
  • doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • snuggling down in a cosy bed
  • the relative silence of the outside world
  • deep belly breathing
  • reading my favourite novel
  • feeling sleepy
  • turning out the light
  • zzzzzzzzz

Journaling is a fantastic way to build resilience. I can help you develop your journaling skills and resilience if you visit my author coaching & mentoring page to learn more.