I’ve just had a long walk before coming into the coffee shop today and reflecting on what the symbolism of winter means to me.

It’s so easy to get immersed in daily tasks and concerns that we rarely look outside of our own lives and notice how the seasons can reflect our inner machinations.  Walking outside provides activity and brings contemplation when I’m in a mindful place.  It moves my body and freshens my mind.  This time of year, I wrap up well and observe how winter brings the bareness of branches and the starkness of silhouetted trees against the dark afternoon sky. My inspiration for February is the buds of new growth pushing up through the wet soil in the front gardens that I see as I walk along the residential roads.  Oh, I saw those yellow and purple crocuses peeping through the green grass on a busy junction.  Spring is around the corner, folks. The symbolism of winter for me is withdrawing indoors (and into reflection) for comfort and warmth before the emergence into mad March action.