Hygge  (a word in Danish/Norwegian that describes a mood of cosiness and ‘comfortable conviviality’ with feelings of wellness and contentment) is about giving yourself a break from the demands of living. It only requires consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to recognize and enjoy the present – all of which can be gained through hygge journaling.  Here’s one that happened to me last winter: What I adore about this coffee shop is its hot choccie.  Now I’ve had a hot chocolate or sixty in my time.  This one was brought for me, and it arrived.  Oh, sweet orgasm!  A large, and I mean large, cup filled to the brim with hot (not lukewarm) chocolate with at least five feet of cold cream through which to sip the pipping liquid chocolate, topped with chocolate flakes (oh heavens, I’m getting so excited I can’t neve ypte properly) with BIG marshmallows on the side to pop on top of the whole fantastic apparition.  This has to be a once-a-month treat for me during the winter months – no, not monthly – maybe every six hours – . 

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